Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prophetic Intercession - Pastor Julius Suubi

Following the celebration of NECF 40-day Fast & Pray on 16th Sept 2012 at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching, Pastor Julius Suubi came to Kuching to lead a Prophetic Intercession at our Church, FBC.  This event was jointly organized by KMF and the businessmen fellowship.  There were two sessions on 22nd Sept 2012 and 23rd Sept, 2012.

Pastor Julius Suubi hails from Uganda but now he is leading a Church, Highway of Holiness Ministry in Kenya.  His testimonies of his life were very inspiring.  He came from very humble beginning and God called him to his ministry in Kenya.  Just one touching testimony he shared on 23rd Sept, 2012 that he came from a family of 28 children!  His father had 5 wives and many concubines!  He said when he went to town his father introduced him to many of his step mothers.  Half of his 28 brothers and sisters died from HIV.  Beside he had to face deaths of family members, relatives and friends who died from AIDs.  That was the situation he was in.  At one time he was infected of HIV by blood transfusion but by grace of God he was healed.

He is a prayer warrior and he shared how he interceded for many people and many nations.  He said we must not just pray for ourselves, but we must pray for others especially in this season we are to pray fervently for our nation.  He had the burden for Malaysia and he had been coming to Malaysia for several years now to pray with us here.  This is indeed an opportune time as our nation is in the Jubilee, and our nation is facing changes that we had not seen before.  Many of us are very much aware of the political scenes here and the need for us as a nation to intercede in prayers for the good of our nation.  During these events we saw fervent prayers and intercession led by Pastor Julius Suubi as well as our KMF Pastors.

We have to keep praying for our country, and repent of the sins of our nation.  He related example of Uganda which was a prosperous country in 1960 but by 1971 after President Idi Amin took over the country it became poor.  Christians were killed and persecuted.  Many Christians left the country, and Christians became a minority there.

Let us continue to pray for our beloved country - Malaysia.

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