Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day-Hope of Jubilee Celebration

Today is a significant day for Malaysia as a nation, this is Malaysia Day as well as the 50th year of Jubilee for the country.  Malaysia was formed some 50 years ago by the joining of Sarawak, Sabah and Malaya, thus the nation of Malaysia was formed.  Since the birth tremendous progress and changes had taken place, some good, some not so good and certainly some bad.  Malaysia is at a cross-road of sort as it struggles as a nation in particular regarding the fair treatment of all races in the country.  Malaysia is a multi-ethnics nation making up of the Malays, Chinese, Indians, various natives of the country.  The people want equality in all spheres of life for all people regardless of race or creeds.  The government has a lot to improve in this area.

Coupled with Malaysia Day is the 50th Year of Jubilee as mentioned in the Bible.  Every 50 year the Lord renew, re set, re configured everything in the lives of the Jews, and following through spiritually for all Christians.  Since 7th August 2012 the Christians in this nation has embarked on a 40-day pray and fast for our nation and ending today.  We Christians want to see positive and genuine changes for the benefits of all people of this nation.  We want peace, harmony and progress for our nation.  We are all proud to be Malaysians.  Most of us refer to ourselves first as Malaysian rather than from what ever ethnic group.  Therefore, let us especially the Christians pray and demonstrate through our lives for a truly great nation.

Happy Malaysia Day and Blessed Jubilee! 

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