Monday, September 10, 2012

Nick Vujicic - Limbless Inspiration

Nick Vujicic the limbless evangelist is famous the world over.  I have watched video of him several years ago.  Infact, about two years ago he came to Malaysia.  Many of us with all our physical faculties intact yet we have a lot of complaints when things do not go the way we wanted them.  But for him he "deserve" the complaining because he has no limbs!  According to Nick he did question God why he was born this way and finally he read John 9: 1-3 about why a blind man was blind and Jesus said not because of the sins of his parents but so that God can display His work in the blind man.  Certainly God is showing what God has done for His people when Nick goes around to world to share his testimony.

We able bodies should not complain so much but instead should count our blessings.  God has His purposes in creating in what ever ways.  We just have to enjoy His blessings.

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