Saturday, October 13, 2012

40-Day Prayer and Fast

Interestingly as Malaysia has completed its 40-day prayer and fast, the American started slightly later their own 40-day pray and fast for their country prior to the general election on 6th Nov 2012.  Many nations are in turmoils, not just USA or Malaysia.  We are all living in turbulent times, and God is "shaking heavens and earth".  In this trying times for many of us, we face numerous challenges in our nations be that be economic, social, and most importantly spiritual.  God has told us in the Bible that we are not fighting against fresh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  For Christians fighting the spiritual battle is more important because all physical things will come to an end on earth, and because we are looking at eternity and not the temporal.

In Malaysia prayers are intensifying following the NECF 40-day of prayers and fasting.  During this period we see thousands of Christians all over the country participating in prayers and fasting we have not seen before.  It is God's doing because human cannot touch the hearts of so many to turn to Him in prayers.  Many prophetic evangelists from US and Africa are coming to Malaysia to pray for us and encourage Christians here to hold fast in prayers.  These people who do not have anything to do with Malaysia are coming to pray for us, and we must really take heed of what they prophesied before it is too late.  Let our nation continue to pray for God's intervention in this beloved country.  May the coming general election be a turning for our country - and turn towards good for this nation and its people.

In the US Christians are similarly praying for their nation which is going through tremendous challenges in all fronts.  They too look to God for divine intervention for the good of their nation.

Let all brothers and sisters in Christ pray and uphold each others' nations.  To God be the Glory!

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