Monday, October 29, 2012

Parenting Course Train the Facilitators

On 26th Oct 2012, our Church organized a Parenting Train the Facilitators course.  The main organizers were Bro.Howe Tung and Sis.Chuei Lian assisted by a team of facilitators from our Church.  The lead trainers were Bro. CT Lau and his wife Sis.Dr.Gene from Alpha Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  The main objective was to train more facilitators from other churches so that they can conduct The Parenting Course (TPC) in their church.  This course is not only meant for Christians but non Christians as well because all of us face issues with our children.  TPC course proper has two parts, one for parents of children 0-10 years and another from 10-18 years old.

This train the facilitators session was very well attended by various participants from the various denominations like Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, and also independant churches.  All together there were 18 churches attending.  The biggest number of participants came from Catholic church.  It was indeed the work of God that so many denominations came together as One body in Christ to be trained as facilitators of The Parenting Course.  This course is base on Christians principles and when non Christians attend we are able to impart Christians principles to them and we pray for them to join God's kingdom in due course.

A total of 84 participants attended comprised of members from 18 churches in Kuching.

All glory to God for the success of this course.

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