Monday, October 8, 2012

Senior Alpha Training

Senior Alpha Coordinators Jack, Vicky and I traveled to Miri on 2nd Oct to conduct Senior Alpha facilitators training for St.Columba, Anglican Church.  We were hosted by Rev Solomon Cheong of the Church.  Altogether there were 8 participants including Rev.Cheong.  We started in the evening of 3rd Oct, 2012 as many had engagements in the day.  The participants warmed up on the second day when they got to know the trainers better.  The training was made more memorably because Rev Cheong's wife Sis. Cecilia cooked several meals for us.  She is a very good cook.  Beside the participants had durian (king of the fruit) party courtesy of Bro.Hollie and his wife Sis.Irene.  The participants and trainers really had a good time eating those durians.  Sis.Cecilia even cooked durian porridge!  But I don't eat durian.  All participants said I did not what I missed!  On the second day all the participants enjoyed the ice breakers introduced to them for the purpose of letting the seniors to participate in the coming course.  Ice breakers like getting out of the rope was interesting and all of then found that hilarious.  Praise God that all participants enjoyed the course and found it useful to be introduced to the seniors in Miri.

On the evening of 4th Oct, 2012 Bro. William Yap from St.Andrews, Brunei picked us up and we traveled by road to Brunei.  The journey took about two and half hours as his driving was slow and steady.  On 5th Oct in the evening we started the course in house.  We were glad to receive the 22 participants.  Like the Miri folks they were quite the first evening but by the second day many got to know each others and ourselves and they opened up.  All of us like the jokes of Br. Jack so that was very helpful.  The training also went very well and we can see that all the participants enjoyed themselves participating in the ice breakers as well as the small group simulations.  Praise God again for helping all of us with the course.  Most importantlyall of them felt the course was very useful and timely.  Bro. William Yap have two very able ladies Sis. Emily and Sis. Lily to help organize the whole course, from bringing us around to the food and participants training materials.  Praise God!  Thank God for these two "angels".

According to Bro.Jack and Sis. Vicky the participants from these two trainings were the most responsive.  We are very encouraged also to see the participants absorbing the training and enjoying themselves.  The joy of our Lord is in them!  Hallelujah!

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