Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bethseda Mission Hospital



Bethseda Mission Hospital (BMH) is located in Serukam, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  It is about 200 KM drive from Kuching (Borneo, Malaysia) across the border to Kalimantan, Indonesia.  This mission hospital was founded by Dr.Wendell Geary and his wife Marjorie Geary from Minnesota, USA some 56 years ago.  They felt called by the Lord then to reach out to serve the people of Indonesia, Borneo.  They had no idea where this place was, but they followed the call of our Lord to serve in Serukam, Indonesia.

When they arrived at Serukam some 56 years ago what they had were some village buildings left behind by Dutch missionaries.  From there through very trying circumstances, Dr.W Geary and his wife started a mission hospital to serve the people of Serukam and the surroundings.  Since then by God's grace tremendous progress have been made at the hospital.  Now there is a proper hospital set up as well as training centre for doctors and nurses.  Now Dr.Geary's son Dr.Paul Geary is continuing the work of his father and now serving as a doctor at the hospital.

Beside providing health care to the communities in Serukam, Dr. W Geary and Mrs. Marjorie Geary are missionaries imparting the Gospel to the communities.  There is also a Church at the hospital.  Dr. Geary shared that beside the imparting of the Words, they are sharing Christ in their work as health care providers.

The life and work of the Geary are really inspirational.  They serve their communities unselfishly just like what Jesus did more than 2000 years ago.  They abandoned comfortable living in the US to a forsaken place like Serukam because God called them to this place which was unknown to them.  From the very beginning they walked closely with Jesus and heeded His command to love your neighbors.  They never looked back.  Their work is on going, now his son Dr. Paul Geary is carrying on their work and serving full time at Serukam.

Dr. W Geary and Mrs. Marjorie Geary are no strangers to our Church.  They have been associated with our Church for many years already.  They are usually hosted by our members, Dr. H.T Wong and his wife Chuei Lian when they visit Kuching.  Last Sunday Dr. W Geary and Mrs.Marjorie Geary were at our Church to share with our congregation of their work in Serukam.  An appeal for a donation to BMH was made in church.  Praise and thank to God that the total collection raise for the hospital on Sunday was about RM6,400.  As a Church we are most honored to be able to contribute a little to this meaningful work in Serukam.

We pray for the Gearys for God's love and provisions to be with them and that many will be touched to turn to our Lord Jesus.  May God's grace be upon the people of Indonesia, our neighbor.

Note: Go to the above links of a blog by Dr.Tang Sie Hing of his mission to BMH in 2009.  More pictures of BMH in the second link.

Above is a picture of our Chairman Bro. Nee Wen handling over the donations to the Gearys.

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