Thursday, December 13, 2012

Worship Organized by KMF 12.12.12

On 12.12.12 evening KMF ( Kuching Minister Fellowship) organized a combined worship at Calvary Church Kuching.  Praise and thank God for a very worshipful evening.  The church's hall was packed and all participants had to stand as all the chairs were removed.  It was very encouraging to witness so many young people attended this worship service.  Many events had happened in our country and many Christians have been praying all over the nation.  KMF has been actively organizing prayer services over the past few years in Kuching as well as the outskirts like Lundu.  There was no planned programs for the evening and the leaders led the prayers and worship as led by the Holy Spirit.  It was a tremendous time of worship and indeed I sensed the Spirit moving among us as the participants prayed and sing worship songs.  The songs sang were in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.  Beside praying for our nations, the lead pastors requested participants to pray for the churches in Kuching to be united in love, for forgiveness of the Chinese people many of whom are idols worshipers, and the natives of Sarawak many also worship idols.

There were three worship teams, one from Calvary, one from Blessed Church and another from First Baptist Church.

Pastors in attendance were, Pastor Matthew Ling, Pastor Darren Tan, Pastor David Ang, Pastor Rodney, Pastor Greamon, Pastor Jerry Teo, Pastor Jeff Wei, Pastor G.T Lim, and Pastor Malcolm Yong.

Praise God for a worshipful evening!  The service started around 7.40 pm and ended passed mid night!  Hallelujah!  Just did not feel the time as we engaged in praying and singing!

Praise God!  All Glory to Him!

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