Monday, November 9, 2009

Brother Ching Nam Sharing on Sunday

Ephesians Ch 6:10-19

Brother Ching Nam shared on the above verses on Sunday. He said he base most of his sharing from Watchman Nee’s work. Acording to him Watchman Nee used word “Stand” to illustrate Ephesians chapter 6.

We are living in the world where Satan is attacking Christians. However, not all bad things are from Satan, some are from ourselves. For example if we eat fatty foods most of the time we are bound to have high cholesterol.

Watchman Nee used “Stand” as defensive weapons unlike present day weapons which are mostly offensive ones. The Lord has done everything. And He fights differently from us. If we fight on our own we will lose.

Like Job he was a righteous man, and Satan could not do anything to him if God did not allow Satan his ways. If we are attack by Satan let us wear the armour of God to defend ourselves. When we face trials, rest on the Lord. Have faith trust in the Lord. Do not be afraid come to the Lord He will lift us up.

Examine ourselves and come to the Lord. In Jesus everything is accomplished. Satan thought he has won when Jesus was crucified, but he was wrong. Now people rise up representing Jesus all over the world.

Why does God trust us so much? He trusted us because we have Jesus in us.

Let us shift from man-centred to Christ centred.

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