Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cell Meeting - 20th Nov 2009

For the last three weeks we had combined cell meetings because some cell leaders were not available. Sister Chuei Lian gathered our brothers and sisters to worship our Lord at their place as well as at Brother Ne Win’s place last night. Praise God that we can gather to glorify God !

Last night Brother Nicholas played a downloaded message about anti Christ from Corner Stone Community Church Singapore. Pastor Yang shared on this subject which is relevant to us as Christians. He quoted many verses and the main one was 2 Thessalonians 1-12. These verses instructed us not to be unsettled by prophesy of the last day and of anti Christ. As mentioned in the scripture the anti Christ is within the church. There is no need to look elsewhere, or to pin point anyone being the anti Christ. We have to guard ourselves. He said many famous preachers wanted to preach in their church, but he said their church has to find out whether the preachers believe in Jesus or not and also why they want to preach in their church. He was alarmed that many so called famous pastors do not preach the Words in the Bible, instead telling the Christians to depend on their spirits. Pastor Yang also dwelled on the pride of man. This also reminded me of teaching of Pastor Ben and Pastor Liaw about this subject. We must be humble, and not proud. In my previous post on pride, I quoted C.S Lewis who said, the proud cannot know God. Here Pastor Yang illustrated by a story. He was in Hong Kong attending a conference where many pastors from around the world attended. Some asked him which church he was from, he answered Corner Stone Community Church Singapore and he was the pastor. They said yes, they know the church but they had not heard about him. Pastor Yang exclaimed “Hallelujah Praise God!” because he was a nobody because he glorifies God and not himself. This is a real example for all of us. The proud cannot know God. God loves the humble, not for humble sake, but for a heart of humility towards all people.

Those who would like to listen to more sermons please log in to Corner Stone Community Church website.

God bless all of you.

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