Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Condolence to Brother Nicholas

Just received news of the passing of Brother Nicholas's father. We have learnt about his sickness for sometime now.

On behalf of our Brothers and Sisters,our condolence to you Brother Nicholas on the passing of your father. May he rest in peace with our Lord.

On the Other Side of Death

Death is a gateway we all must pass through
To reach that fair land where the soul's born anew,
For man's born to die, and his sojourn on earth
Is a short span of years beginning with birth.
And like pilgrims we wonder until Death takes our hand
And we start on the journey to God's Promise Land-
A place where we'll find no suffering or tears,
Where time is not counted in days, months, or years.
And in that fair city that God has prepared
Are unending joys to be happily shared
With all our loved ones who patiently wait
On death's other side to open the gate.

Helen Steiner Rice

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