Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Service 31st Jan 2010

This Sunday, Brother Malcolm shared on Titus chapter one.

Pattern of governance and behaviour

Under this title he has the “prologue” which has two sub title “mission” Tit 1:1, and God’s promise Tit 1:2-4

According to Brother Malcolm even just in the prologue Paul had covered many things. Example, by grace we have been saved not by our work. Grace ad peace from God, unlike peace from any other person or source.

Elders & Overseers

Under this title is sub titles, “elder” Gen 50:7, Num 11:16, Ex18:13-26, 24:9, Deut 19:12, Josh 20:4, Tit 1:4. :Overseer” Tit 1:7, “Vices” Tit 1:6-7, “Build virtue” Tit 1:8-9

Handling of false teaching Act 15:1

Under this title are sub titles. “Teach” 2Tim3:16, Tit1:1, Mk 12:34, “Rebuke” 2Tim 3:16, 4:2-5, Tit 1:13, 2:15, “Correct” Mk 5:23, 8:15-21, 2Tim 3:16, “Train”, 2Tim 3:16

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