Monday, May 31, 2010

FBC Church Camp 28 - 29th May 2010

Our Church camp started on 28th May (Fri, it began with baptising some children (second round on Saturday), followed by Worship service in the evening. We had the previlege of having Pastor Timothy Chow, his wife Jocye Chow to minister to us. Sister Adeline and her daughter from King's kids took on the children worship.

Pastor Timothy Chow and Sister Joyce Chow are from The Anglican Church, Westside, Singapore. He pioneered Calvary Church in Kuching. Welcome back Pastor!

In the evening, we had games organised by Brother Leslie, assisted by other brothers and sisters. All actvities were well organised and all of us participated in the games. One of the highlight of the game was the dressing up of "warriors" with magazines and newspapers (watch slides ). All had a tremendous good time laughing at the various performances.

There was a photo contest to act out the central theme of the Camp "Strengthen, ,one voice,arise, reach out".

The "warrior" performances were so hilarious and crazy that Pastor Timothy Chow commented that he has never seen such a bunch of "crazy" Christians! Anywhere, we could see that he and Joyce enjoyed themselves tremendously. We are very appreciative of their coming to share with us.

The subjects of his teaching was "It is the Lord" on Friday eveing. It was about the disciples who caught no fish at the lake and Jesus instructed where to cast their nets, there after they caught alot of fish. They did not recognise the Lord at first, just like us who do not see at times eventhough the solutions are in front of us. Amazingly the same message was preached by Pastor Cheli in Church last week with the same title! This is indeed a confirmation of God's direction! Praise God!

The second message was on Sunday morning, it was entitled, "Can God use me?". Pastor Tim read from Matthew Ch 1:1-17, the genealogy of Jesus. He advised that this narration has value because it showed us that there were all sort of people in Jesus's lineage, some were righteous and others were not. Therefore, we all can be of use by God no matter who and what we are. Like our them just rise up!

Personally I am very encouraged by his teachings as well as the impact of the camp. I believe many of members experienced encouragement, bonding and unity amongst ourselves, also the presence of our Lord.

Praise God for Pastor Timothy and Sister Joyce as well as the success of the camp! It was His doing and not anyone else.

Pastor Timothy and Sister Jocye were an encouragement to us because of their easy going nature. Their love for each other is something many can emulate too.

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