Monday, May 10, 2010

Sarawak Health and Wellness Expo - 3 rd Day

Praise the Lord for a resounding success of the Sarawak Health and Wellness Expo 2010! All glory to our God!

Sunday 9th May was the last day of the Expo. More visitors turnout on Sunday. Parkway Health's seminar received overwhelming response to the delight of its Vice President Mr.Samuel Tan. Their doctors were here for several sessions during the Expo.

General Hospital Blood donation unity was there, although only 16 donars were done, the head of the unit was satisfied. Infact 27 potential donars were rejected for various reasons.

Bone scaning arranged by Parkway Health received overwhelming rseponses from the public with long lines of people queing up to be scanned.

Pantai Hospital lung capacity test was also very well received, they did a 345 tests in 2 days! Their staffs worked non stop.

Overall, a very encouraging and successful Expo.

A big thank you to all exhibitors, Health department, contributors, product sponsors and the general public.

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