Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Birthday

1st May is my birthday. When my family wanted to give me a birthday cake, they asked what should be put on the cake, I said "snoopy" without hesitation (still young at heart!). This carton character is my favourite although I don't read the comic.

In Malaysia we are very much westernised and we do many things like westerners including birthdays. In the Chinese culture, we only celebrate the "biggy" that is 60th birthday and upwards. In China people celebrated with long noodles, wheat peaches, eggs, wine and give money in red package. All these signify longevity and good fortune.

Thank God for my birthday and in a way it is special not only that it is celebrated with my family, but that by God's grace my son is recovering from leptospinosis. Praise the Lord!

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