Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FBC Church Dedication Service

Glory to God! Today, First Baptist Church, Kuching (FBC) conducted a church dedication service attended by about 800 people consisted of members and invited guests.  It was a historic event for FBC, not only dedicating the new Church, but also celebrating our 40th anniversary.  Our Church started on 2nd April 1972. (Read history on FBC website, link on left sidebar).  Many pastors from Kuching as well as outside attended this service.

Shofars blowers led by Bro.Teck Hwa sounded the shofars to mark the start of the service.

Elder Dr.Tiong rightly said although it was a Church dedication, more importantly we must dedicate our lives to Christ Jesus.

FBC Choir and orchestra played five hymns.  The congregation joined in to sing two songs "You  are awesome in this place" and "Crown Him King of Kings".  FBC Choir was excellent, they played the songs with passion and hearts for God. Praise the Lord!

The opening prayer was conducted by Dr.Yap, Chairman of Sarawak Baptist Church.

Opening address was by Pastor Isaac Yim, President of Malaysian Baptist Convention.(MBC)  He spoke briefly about the history of MBC which FBC is a part, how it began small and now it has grown to include many programs to help Baptist Churches in Malaysia and beyond.  He said Christ is the capstone of our Church.  We are all living stones.

Pastor James Leong, the very first FBC Malaysian pastor when FBC started delivered his sermon entitled "The Church of Christ" with 4 sub headings, a)Theo centric is her stand, b) Bible her foundation c)love is her beauty d) making disciples her mission.  The message basically taught us to be Christ centered and to do God's will and not man's purposes.

All three congregations, English, Bahasa and Chinese read out loud a ten points Dedication to God, committing ourselves to carry out the will of God, to follow Christ's commands, and to share the Gospel with others, and to love one another as Jesus commanded.

The closing prayers in English was conducted by Pastor David Kueh, Mandarin Pastor Richard Sim and Bahasa Pastor Greman.

To end the service, the shofar was sounded  led by Bro Teck Hwa.

Thank God that so many pastors, and guests came to celebrate this auspicious and significant event together with our congregation.  All Glory To God!

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