Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Internet Evangelism in Japan
The Japanese are very private people and they do not normally speak about religious matters with even people they know.  The internet comes in handy to allowed Japanese to learn about Christianity privately through the internet. 

Since last year tsunami and nuclear disaster many Japanese are turning to God for life tough questions.  Many Christians agencies have been to Japan to help the tsunami victims.  Pastor Ben Wong of Shepherd Community Church who is the coach of our Church also had a team there last year.  He told us that many Japanese are receptive to the Gospel messages.  He said this is the time for the Chinese Christians to evangelize to the Japanese.  Of course other Christians from all over the world are already doing work in Japan.  What he meant was that it is the right time for the Chinese to help out in Japan.

Christian Zebley said "The Internet lets them learn about God and His plan for salvation in a way that is comfortable for them and respectful of their culture. We believe this is the long-awaited moment for harvest in Japan."

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