Monday, May 21, 2012

Pastor Ben's Coaching

Once again Pastor Ben Wong of Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong was here to coach our Church.  For about two and the half years now he has been coaching our Church.  He came visiting the right time, as we faced a very difficult phase in our Church he was available to us.  Praise God !

From the leaders' meeting with him last Saturday afternoon, he noticed that our Church has made good progress, he noticed that members have been joining hands to help the Church in many areas.  Despite the lack of a English language pastor ( until 1st May 2012) our Church had been doing remarkably well according to him.  Really it is the work of all members of our Church to make this happened.  Beside, he said you just moved into your new Church recently!  He thanked God for our progress.  We are thankful to God too, because it is His grace that allows us to be where we are.

Pastor Ben shared with us that about a month ago he went to Norway to coach two Lutheran Churches there.  He said before he went he was with "fear and trembling" because he has not coach any Western Church before.  But when he was there he found out that these Churches have a lot to do to impact their communities.  Pastor Ben said he shared with these Churches our Church's ethos which got them excited too.  Our ethos a) Relationship b) Empowering c) Focus on Jesus d) Compassion for the loss e) Networking f) Structured to serve.  Glad that our ethos can be a model for these Churches in Norway.

Pastor Ben' visits to our Church was not an accident.  His visits over these two and half years were appointments of God.

Note: Pastor Ben with long hair.

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