Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Women Hear God More than Men Do
A survey found that more than two third of women prayed as compared to less than half of men surveyed prayed. This may be an American survey, but I believe this is true else where.

Why do women pray more?  Anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann said she found that women are better in using their imagination as compared to men.  The use of imagination is not in a negative sense but in positive ways as we are dealing with God who is immaterial.  She said our Church fathers knew about this.  She said, "For Augustine, the road to God ran through the mind. It is our own peculiar era that equates the imagination with the frivolous and the unreal. That is why contemporary Christians sometimes get nervous about the word imagination. But they shouldn't. C. S. Lewis knew so well that the imagination was a path to God that he entitled a chapter of Mere Christianity "Let's Pretend." "Let us pretend," Lewis writes, "to turn the pretence into a reality."

 Prayers are communication with God.  You say something and He reply.  According to her, imagining that God is sitting across will assist us to communicate with Him.  Personally, I have the image of Jesus in my mind as I prayed and imagining Him sitting on my side with His arm on my shoulder.  However, this image does not occur regularly.

Perhaps women hear more from God because firstly they prayed more, they are more relational as compared to men.

In general to hear more from God, we must have intimate relation with Him by reading His Words in the Bible, follow His commands closely, relate to follow human like how Jesus relate to those He met, and constantly live a holy live.

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