Monday, October 25, 2010

Alpha Celebration 24th Oct 2010

On Sunday 24th Oct 2010, our Church celebrated the completion of the very first Alpha course conducted by our Church. Thanks to all committee members as well as the elders of our Church, the course was successfully completed. We also thank Alpha Malaysia, especially Bro Foo Lai Wei and his team for helping us. Praise God! After more than 10 weeks of the course this celebration is most appropriate and meaningful especially when we see lives touched by Jesus. It is all about Him! Hallelujah!

Our Bro elder Tung Hui said it was by divine appointment that Sis Cynthia from Alpha Malaysia was in Kuching yesterday. She was invited to our celebration and we were honored that she could give out the gifts to our guests who diligently attended the whole course.

To celebrate this auspicious event, our worship team sang a few popular songs. The trainee teachers from Batu Lintang Teachers Training College present three songs, our members presented line dancing, our youth Aaron break dancing to thunderous applause of the audience, our youth also made a presentation of teaching from the Bible. We can see people appreciated the presentations.

Two teacher trainees shared their testimonies. A Chinese student from Swimburne University also shared his hilarious testimony. He found God in Kuching! Hallelujah!

All in all about 260 people turned up for this celebration. This was the work of God. We thank our Lord Jesus for this opportunity. Our Church look forward to the next Alpha course.

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