Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Good Is God?

This is the title of the latest book by popular Christian writer Philip Yancey. He has written books like "Where is God when it hurts?", "Prayer does it make any difference?" and many more. His books are always interesting. He approaches subjects like a journalist rather than a theologian. This book is not available in our country yet. Certainly I will get it when it is here.

From an interview he gave to Christianity Today, he presents the question at hand like most people would. Certainly we can identify with such question especially when we go through difficulties. Indeed, where is God when we need Him? Yancey recalled a man saying he has no problem believing in God, but "What is God good for?" he asked.

Doubting is not necessary bad, as Yancey showed in many of his books. As we walk with Jesus, there will be times when we doubt, but this can be good for our faith in God.

Yancey also said it is a lot harder to have faith in places like America where you have all you need, and everyday you are bombarded with advertisements of what you should eat, wear and so on. Rather than all these things we should be thinking "How are we coming across to God?". In a way, Malaysian lifestyles seem to be similar to the Americans as we progresses economically. Yancey added that it is hardest to be a Christian in country like prosperous America. Similarly, it seem to be difficult in developed and prosperous countries. Economically Malaysians are getting better off from a generation ago, I pray that many will not lose their faith in the Almighty God. In Him we have abundant lives.

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