Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Service 10.10.10

Today is special, at least to many couples who have chosen to get married on this day so that they have no problem remembering their anniversary! 10th Oct, 2010!

For it is a good day to worship the Lord! Praise Him for His love and for His faithfulness!

Praise God that we are witnessing people coming forth in our Church. Today we had a new worship leader, a Sis., a Bro.praying for the offering who had not done it before, as well as another Bro. conducting Lord's Supper, he had not done it before too. We are thankful to God for His grace and mercy. Also thank Him for raising many in our Church to make a difference. Praise God!

This morning Pastor Richard preached a sermon entitled "Care and Concern", Mark 6:30-56. The main story was feeding of the 5,000 people there. The story taught about physical rest - when Jesus called His disciples to go away to rest, about needing food - giving food to he 5,000, about speding quality time with His disciples, and also about possibilities of God - with God feeding 5,000 with 5 loaves and 5 fishes was possible. Let us trust our God.

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