Monday, October 25, 2010

Pastor Norbert Knoell

On Sunday, our Church had the privilege of having Pastor Norbert Knoell from Germany. He pastor a church is Nuremberg called "The Father's House. Simon his youth pastor came with him. About 18 years ago Pastor Norbert went to Kalimantan on a mission to the Dayak people there, and he still holds special memories about his trip. After his visit here in Kuching, he will be going to Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Before, Pastor Norbert came, his church members, a couple Wolfgang and Heidi had been visiting our church. Together with Pastor Norbert they will travel to Kalimantan on mission. Wolfgang and Heidi had been on mission in Kalimantan for several years now.

Isaiah 61:1-4

Pastor Norbert preached on the above verses on Sunday. He had there main points:
1. Spirit of the sovereign Lord.
2. Sending.
3. Service.

At the end of his preaching, Pastor Norbert called those who which to serve the church to go forward to be prayed for. He and youth pastor Simon prayed for our church members.

Note: above picture is a part of Nuremberg city.

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