Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to Jerusalem

This Sunday, our church was honored with a visiting missionary Dr. Lin Zhong Mu who was commissioned by Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching in 2007. Now he and his family is based in Hong Kong. His mission is in China equipping the believers for mission back to Jerusalem. He is the founder of Strategic Mission Alliance International (SMAI)and its main objective is to equip the saints in China.

There are two prophecies for China :

1. Back to Jerusalem - movement initiated by Mark Ma in 1942 with a vision of bringing back the Gospel to Jerusalem and its vicinity.

2. Renewal and emergence of broken down restructured churches
A)The churches were broken down 1949 – 1979 (30 years)- the churches were in disarray
B)The churches restructured ( house church) 1979-2009 (30 years)- during this period many house churches emerged as compared to the official church. Official churches are those approved by the Chinese Government. With the split of house church and official church, how are the Christians going to work together?

3.Reverse Flow – flow from China to Jerusalem. Recent prophecy of China for the next 30 years (2009 to 2039). This is exciting time as many in China are getting prepared for this reverse flow. Dr.Lin said we must take action now before it is too late.

Historic Perspectives
1889 to 1919 (30 years) – Republican revolution
1919 to 1949 (30 years) – Military revolution
1949 to 1979 (30 years) – Political revolution
1979 to 2009 (30 years) – Economic revolution
2009 to 2039 (30 years) – Faith revolution

Next 30 years is exciting even the Chinese government is secretly studying how to handle the rising Christian faith as to integrate it into the Chinese society. They recognized the importance of the Christian faith in their country. Dr. Lin said during the next 30 years dramatic changes will take place, there will be greater freedom to worship despite the present persecutions. He is looking forward to seeing large scale worship even at Tian Ann Meng Square! By 2035 China will become the greatest Christian nation on earth!

Three Money Principles for SMAI
1.Jacob’s righteousness ( Gen 31:38-39
2.Law and ethical up rightness
3.Faithfulness in smaller things

Your Response – 3 Ps
1.Praise and give financially
2.Prayers and communication with workers in the fields
3.People – visit the workers

Christians are fervent in their worship and they follow God's calls on their lives to the extend of relocating their families to new locations whenever God instructed them. Dr.Lin has met many of these young families and young people who are really hunger for God and His mission.

Let us pray for Dr.Lin and all the missionaries and Christians in China. May God be with them.

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