Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Job the Evangelist?

The world mourns the passing of a great innovator recently - Steve Job. The world may see him as an iconic computer technologist, but evangelical Christians see him as an "evangelist". Calling him an "Evangelist" sounded odd because he was not even a Christian! Well, the work he has done at Apple Computer enabled the Gospel to be spread to places where it cannot reach with old technologies or methods. With advances in internet technologies and the devices like iphone, ipad which enable owners to have access to the Gospel.

Dr.Michael A.Milton of Reformed Theological Seminary commented "Through Apple’s technology, the Gospel has been getting through to what the professor dubbed the most hostile places on earth as well as the most hostile ideological places in the secularized Western world."

He said “In God’s common grace, He used this man’s innovation and creativity to build a new Roman Road to the world – a pathway through the extremities of a world still held in the tyranny of despots and dictators, poverty and radical religious fetters,”

We read many stories in the Bible where God made used of non believers to further his kingdom. Like the Romans in St.Paul's time built extensive roads systems that enabled the Gospel to be spread far and wide, indeed "to the end of the earth".

We pray for Steve and thank him for inventing devices that enable the Gospel to be spread to many unreached places on this earth.

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