Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Marriage Course - Pastors

Our church had ran 4 Marriage courses since last year. The main organizers of The Marriage Course (TMC) are none other than Bro. Howe Tung and Sis.Chuei Lian. We are all very blessed by the work of this lovely couple. They are assisted by Bro.Arthur,Bro.Chew,Bro.Chai Say,Bro.Chin Luke, Sis.Amoi,Sis.Stella,and Sis.Teck Lan.

After the last TMC that was completed late last month, Bro.Howe Tung and Sis Cheui Lian felt the need to bless the local pastors with their own marriage course. Like any event that needed funding, they sorted and got about 6 sponsors from our church to finance the event. Bro.Fan Ngian and Sis Siang Li, the Advisors of TMC came from Kuala Lumpur to help conduct the 3 days session at Lundu, a seaside resort about 130 Km from Kuching. The National Director of Alpha Malaysia, Bro.Lei Wei was also there to launch the event.

The course was indeed encouraging and helpful to the pastors who work very hard and had not much time to relate to their wives. This course helps them to learn new ideas to build lasting marriages. There were 12 pastors and their wives attending. The TMC Advisor Bro. David and his wife also attended.

Sis. Chuei Lian said:
"Thanks everyone for your prayers & support ! It is so heart warming to hear the testimonies ! Thanks for blessings our pastors in Sarawak!"

Thank God for all Bros. & Sis who supported this event in prayers.

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