Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mothers' Union Choir from South Korea

Last night the Mothers' Union Choir from Diocese of Seoul Anglican Church performed at St.Thomas Cathedral, Kuching. It was a rare opportunity to witness these talented mothers performing classical as well as modern Gospel songs. This choir is entirely made up of mothers, hence the name. There were 35 mothers in the choir.

They have held performances in Japan,Philippines,St.Paul's Cathedral London,at Lambeth Conference and others. The conductor was Professor Gabriel I.H.Cho of Sungkonghoe(Anglican) university. The organist was Fides H.W.Lee of the same university.

Some of the songs performed were "Serve the Lord with gladness-composer George F.Handel, "God is with us allthe day"-composer J.M Martin,"Since Christ my soul from sin set free-composer J.M.Black, "Holy Spirit Revive Me-composer Geonyong Lee and others. They also performed a Mandarin song "Mo Li Hua" and a Korean folk song "Arirang".

St.Thomas' Cathedral's own choir also performed a few songs. (ladies dressed in black).

The performance was very entertaining and those mothers were indeed very talented. The conductor got everyone to join in to sing a Korean Gospel "Holy Spirit Revive Me" in Korean.

The Cathedral was packed, probably several hundred people were in there.

Praise God for a fantastic performance!

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From 2011-10-04 Mother's Union Chior Seoul

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