Monday, December 12, 2011

Sarawak Re-Awakening

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia (NECF) interviewed Pastor Robinson Simunyi of SIB Canada Hill, Miri about issues facing Christians in Sarawak. His answers reflected the current sentiments of Christians living in Sarawak. From observations it is heartening to see Christians from all walks of lives and from different denominations coming together for common purposes. For the past one and the half years we witnessed this trend emerging. The Kuching Minister Fellowship (KMF) here has been organizing monthly prayer meetings in various Churches in the city of Kuching for the past one and half years. I personally attended many of these meetings and I could really sense the spiritual hunger of the Christians and the fervency in their prayers. The prayers were of common interests, like prayers for political fairness in the election process, to elect righteous candidates, fair treatment of all citizens, peace and social justice in this country. Since two months ago KMF has started to organize prayer meetings outside of the city of Kuching, like in Bau (a town about 40 minutes from Kuching), and Lundu another town about 2.5 hours from Kuching by road. Ihe main purpose is to engage the rural pastors and their congregations. Personally, I am touched by the unity of various denominations especially in coming together to pray for our nation and to pray for each other. There is this feeling of belonging to One Church of Jesus. After all, God called us to be in One Church focusing on Jesus Christ our Lord.

We are praying for revival to come to Sarawak, spread to Sabah and Peninsula soon. Revival can happen when we all pray as One.

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