Friday, December 2, 2011

Sister Wendy Beckett

Sister Wendy Beckett is a 81 year old nun as well as an art historian. She livse in a mobile home next to the Carmelite Nun in Norfolk. I remember watching documentary about her but did not think much about her story. I have been reading Nicky Gumbel's book "The Jesus Lifestyle" and he mentioned about Sister Beckett. She is not only a nun but an art historian who became famous in 1991 when BBC featured her in their art documentary. That was not what inspired people all over the world, it is her lifestyle, living for God everyday of her life. Since 16 years of age she has been a nun, and that was when she acquired her first habit (dress of a nun). She lives a very simple life devoting at least 7 hours to prayers everyday. This is what she said "My daily routine is simple, but unvarying. I spend as little time as possible thinking about what to eat, wear or what to do next. This sets me free to pray: my raison d’ĂȘtre. I go to bed at 6pm. I used to get up at 3am, but now rise just after midnight. I stay silently praying in my home until I go to the monastery for Mass at 8am. I have two short breaks for coffee and breakfast bran, but, like my hours of work, these are just another form of prayer". She is such an inspiration to many, in this modern world of troubles one can still find people like her willing to give up all material things for God.

She literally lives The Jesus Lifestyle!

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