Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prison Ministry

Kuching New Prison
Last Sunday a Brother popularly known as Uncle Ben shared about he and his teams' experiences in the prison ministry work in Kuching here.  Uncle Ben is already 82 years old and yet he has the passion and determination to serve in the prison ministry which he and others have done for the past 18 years.  The other members from our church are Bro.Song, Bro.Arthur and Bro.Chin.  Since 18 years ago Uncle Ben and his team has baptized about 400 prisoners from the locals as well as foreign countries.  At present there are prisoners from Indonesia, Philippines, China and Nigeria.  Of late, there are more Nigerians because many initially came to study in the colleges here but committed crimes and were locked up by the authorities.  Uncle Ben testified that many of these foreigners received Jesus after they hear the Good News from his team.  Praise God!  Uncle Ben remarked that in fact we do not need to go out of our country to do mission, the mission field is right here!  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

Uncle Ben shared that many miracles happened in prison.  He related how a prisoner who could not speak well, could not stand straight, but when he came out of the water of baptism he could talk well and stand up straight!  He was healed!  Praise God!  Many prisoners broken by crimes and separated from their families were finally reconciled with their families after they were released. Many of these prisoners were touched by Jesus and appreciated the work of our brothers.  Bro.Song shared on another occasion that a Nigerian who was converted went home to his country, but on occasions he still call Bro.Song to talk to him.  This ex-prisoner even went home to convert his mother!  Hallelujah!  Thank God!  Even in prison our Lord Jesus is doing mighty work.

There are women prisoners in the Kuching Prison so Uncle Ben appeal to the Sisters in our church to volunteer to help these prisoners.  Although there are only 9 women prisoners, there are work to be done.

The other work is helping those in parole.  They cannot go anywhere as they like and volunteers are needed to help the prisoners liaise with the Prison authority.

 In recognition of their work here,Prison ministry received a certificate of recognition from Prison Fellowship International, USA and also another certificate from the Federal Government of Malaysia.

Our church are very appreciative of the work done by Uncle Ben and his team.  We thank Uncle Ben, Bro.Song, Bro.Arthur and Bro.Chin for their work in helping the prisoners to come to the Lord.  We pray that they will find favors with the Prison Authority and their help in accessing the prisoners to share with them the Good News.  May the harvest be plentiful.  Amen.

You may read more information from Prison Fellowship International by clicking on the title of this post.

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