Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can Christmas Still Change the World?

This is the season again, Christmas is around the corner. Like any other years Christians usually celebrated Christmas the "secular" ways. We celebrated Christmas like the world does, buying gifts for love ones and enjoying ourselves just like the world obsessed with entertainment of all kinds. In these processes we forgot about our Lord Jesus Christ on His birthday! We celebrated His birthday but we ignored Him all together! Yours truly here is guilty too. But how are we to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way not like how the world celebrate it? Precisely how can Christmas still change the world?

There is a community of people who work towards changing our mindset as well as changing how we impact our communities in our celebration. Pastors pastors Rick McKinley, Chris Seay and Greg Holder wrote a book "Advent Conspiracy" to change mindset. There is a website "" for people to join this community to share ideas of how to spend less on Christmas on ourselves and spend to help the less fortunate.

We can do likewise here in Malaysia. There are many poor without clean water, electricity and even foods. We certainly can help these poor living in our neighborhood.

Let us be Christ like and give to the poor this Christmas.

A "Merry Christmas" to readers. May God bless you.

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