Monday, December 5, 2011

Trees in the Bible

Bible teachers Rosemarie & David Searle of Melbourne were at our Church last week to teach a series on the Book of Revelation. David delivered 5 sessions of about two and a half hours each session. Revelation is a difficult book for many and his teaching helped many to understand this Book. It was interesting to find that the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament was related to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

On Sunday David taught our church using the subject of "trees" in the Bible. He said those verses on trees in the old testament were referring to the story of Jesus because Jesus died and was hung on a "tree" that was the Cross made from a tree. He believed that Jesus was hung on the tree of good and evil as mentioned in Gen 2:9. At least the tree was the representation of the Cross. In Act 5:29-32 was about Jesus hanging on a tree. Act 10:39 it was about the Jew killing Jesus and hung Him on a tree.

David also shared that the Chinese in ancient time knew about the revelation of God in the Old Testament time. In 1986 the Chinese in Sichuan discovered a 3.9 meters bronze tree. He said that most likely the Chinese knew that it was the tree of good and evil as written in the Book of Genesis. This tree has fruits, daggers representing harm if one eats of the fruits, hand of a woman representing Eve, a serpent representing evil. (see picture of tree above).

There are also many Chinese characters that tell the stories in the Bible.

Video of excavation and assembling the bronze sacred tree

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