Friday, January 27, 2012

Bibles in MicroSD Card

The improvement in information technology is helping the Good News of the Gospel to be spread to all corners of this world. Indeed it is a blessing that Christian organizations such as Bible League is employing now. The invention of digital technology enables tremendous amount of information to be stored in small chip and now the MicroSD card can store even much more like 32 GB of information.

Religious materials are not allowed into many persecuted nations like China and Arabia, therefore using microSD chip is an advantage because it is small, can contain large amount of information and facilitate smuggling of these cards into persecuted countries. Unlike accessing information through the internet which requires internet connection and a computer, microSD card can be inserted into mobile phones and upon their remover leaving no trace.

Thank God for this advance micro chip which enable the Gospel to be shared with many persecuted people around the world.

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