Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 falls on 23rd Jan, 2012 Monday. This Chinese New Year is known as the dragon year. The Chinese has 12 zodiac signs and the dragon is the most popular of all these signs.The dragon is suppose to be powerful and reign over heaven. It is suppose to represent the Chinese emperor. Anywhere it is just a mythical animal unlike the rest of the zodiac animals which are real.

As far as Christians are concerned, we do not believe in all the zodiac signs but we participate in the celebration of Chinese New Year as a tradition. There are positive points in this celebration each year, like looking forward to a new beginning in the new year, forget the past that are not within your control, generally have a positive attitude, and build relation with love ones. On all these points I think the most important one is to build relationship with love ones. During Chinese New Year it is the tradition of the Chinese to travel back to their home at least once each year. No matter where each person is, he /she will travel home to celebrate the new year with family members. It is reported that 3.1 billion people are travelling home in China to celebrate this new year!

Wishing all Chinese readers and those celebrating Chinese New Year a "Happy and blessed New Year!".

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