Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revival Begins with You

Last year, some evangelists came from Canada and they prophesied that revival with begin in Sarawak, Malaysia. This was the same feelings the local Kuching Minister Fellowship have been sensing for about two years or so ago. More Christians are getting together regardless of denominations to pray and to seek God's direction. This was very positive signs. There are also preachers coming here and said that revival will come only if each and every Christian here yearned for it and pray fervently. Revival begins with us. It cannot happen if each of us is not willing and does not repent before God. Just like the Christians mentioned in the Book of Acts, they died to self and they went all out to seek God.

Jennifer LeClaire of Chrisma magazine said "Again, we can’t manufacture miracles. We can’t work up wonders. But we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit to separate the profane from the holy in our own hearts and in our own minds. We can purge ourselves and lay aside every weight that holds us back. We can allow the Spirit of God to do a deep work in us and so the Spirit of God can do a great work through us. Revival begins with you—and me".

Yes! we have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. This was what happened at Ba Kelalan Highland in Borneo in 1984 when revival swept the people there. You can read about it by clicking the title of this page.

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