Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Persecution of Indonesian Christians

It is sad to read many cases of persecution of Christians by the majority Muslim Indonesians. Over the years we have read of many killings and attack on Christian churches in Indonesia. The GKI Yasmin Church in Bagor Indonesia is a good example. The local government sealed this Church although their Supreme court legalized it. The local Islamic groups continued their efforts to persecute the Christians. They had been chased out of their Church and now they have to worship in the parking lot near by. Yet the Islamic groups continued their attack on the Christians there.

Despite the persecution, this is what a religious watchdog said "According to religious persecution watchdog The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world and third largest democracy. Although it struggles to maintain religious tolerance, its Christian evangelical count has increased from 1.3 million to 13 million in the last 50 years."

Let us pray for the Indonesian Christians that they may be able to overcome these persecutions.

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