Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Installation of Pastors

On Sunday, our church had an installation of pastors ceremony conducted by the out going Pastor Richard Sim. The two pastors installed were Pastor Meng How from the Chinese congregation and Pastor George from the Iban congregation. Pastor Richard said it was a highlight of his career because he was able to raise two pastors from out own congregations instead of employing new pastors from outside the church. This may be a simple ceremony but it signify the taking over by the new pastors of their respective congregations, and that these new pastors are the new shepherds of these two congregations. To signify this handing over, a shepherd staff and respective members list were given to each of the new pastors It was also a milestone for our church as it was the first time that new pastors were raise from our congregations.

In the evening the English and Iban congregations hosted a farewell dinner for Pastor Richard Sim. ( Mandarin church held earlier) Our leadership was very appreciative of Pastor Richard who came to help our church when we had trouble about two years ago. Now he is retiring and will be living in Perth, Australia. We wish him the best, and may God continue to be wih him and his family.

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