Friday, January 6, 2012

Gospel Gaining in Persecuted Countries

Christians are persecuted all over the world. Open Door USA reported that in countries where Christians are most persecuted are the ones that grow the most. Even in Malaysia Christians are persecuted in subtle ways unlike many other countries where there are violence committed against Christians. Our prayers go to these Christians. The most persecuted country is North Korea and the second group are Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt and others. Just last year after the fall of Murbarak in Egypt, an Egyptian Christian commented that persecution was good for them. The comment was surprising but it seems persecution has resulted in some good for example growth in countries where there are persecution. Countries like China, North Korea, and also Middle Eastern countries. A commentator attributed this growth to the Holy Spirit. Certainly the Holy Spirit is moving among the Christians in many countries. The other reason is the underground churches in China. Recently in the Middle East underground churches are also growing in numbers.

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