Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hope of Jubilee - 40-Day Fast and Pray


Today 7th Aug 2012 is the start of National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) 40-Day fast and pray initiative.  It is God's timing that as we start this fast and pray, it is also the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia as an independent nation.  This nation came into being from the joining together of Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia 50 years ago.  Since, the formation of Malaysia tremendous changes have happened, some good some not good.  In the area of freedom of worship and equality in many spears of life have not been as what the minorities wanted.  Foremost, for Christians is the total freedom to worship in the manners prescribed by our faith.  Christianity is teaching us love and this love have been demonstrated in the many charitable works done by Christians before the creation of our nation.  Like the Christians who came from Europe to set up schools, and hospitals to help the locals.  Some missionaries traveled deep into the jungle to serve the natives there.  They demonstrated their Christ-likeness in their sacrifice for the native people.  Yet today, how many of us even know who these missionaries were?  Never mind about this, the point is Christians served and are serving the people.

The 40-Day Fast and Pray is for this nation which we call home.  Even though many are not native here, but we are born here and call this country our home.  We fast and pray for God's intervention to put in a righteous government that works for the people.

For the past few years it has been observed that more Christians are aware of the need to pray for our nation as many Christians are turning up in prayer meetings organized nation wide.  The turn out in many of these meetings were phenomenal. Rightfully so as we need to stand and pray as One Body of Christ.

Praise and thank God for this nation with abundance that need to be utilized wisely.  Let us be discerning and wise in our decisions for this nation.

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