Monday, August 6, 2012

Medical Mission

On 29th July 2012 our Church sent a medical mission to the long houses in the vicinity of Sebuyau.  Two Life Groups ( Cells ) participated in this mission.  There were 5 doctors from our Church, Dr.Tiong. Dr.P.T Tan, Dr.Chen, Dr Wong, and Dr.Lee.  This mission was also a combined efforts of the Iban congregation together with the Emglish congregation.  Prior to this mission, the Iban congregation have been visiting long houses in Sebuyau on a monthly basis.  Before 29th July 2012 the Iban members were there one night earlier to prepare the arrival of the other members from our Church.  Praise God that it was a very successful mission because as many as 200 people in the long houses had their medical checks and in this process two patients were identified that they need to be admitted to the General Hospital for further treatment.  From the point view of our Church we were just doing a little to help these needy folks in the long houses.

Beside medical help our members also prayed for the people there.

This was the first medical mission and there will be more coming.

Thank God that we can do a little to help others who are in need.

Thanks to Bro.Tiong for uploading this video on to You tube so that others can also watch it.

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