Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City Harvest Church - Eye Witness


The saga of City Harvest Church (CHC) has not ended as the court case is still pending.  By any account the troubles ate CHC has resulted in extensive news coverage not only in Singapore but in many parts of the world.

Christians from outside of Singapore may not exactly know the truth to these matters.  But if some one who has been to the church told you stories and their experiences, than perhaps you will get a better picture of CHC situation.

Recently, a friend of my wife came to visit.  Knowing that she is a Christian, I asked her what exactly happened to CHC.  She said in fact she has attended many of its services over the years although she is from another denomination.  From her earlier visits she enjoyed their services very much.  However, in one occasion she was taken aback at what the Senior Pastor commented when he introduced his wife Sun Ho who as just breaking into the pop music scene in Singapore.  According to our friend, Sun Ho appeared in church wearing a reveling dress.  Her dressing was already inappropriate for a pastor's wife and the church service, but when the Senior Pastor asked the congregation, "Isn't she sexy?" our friend was shocked beyond words.  You may be wondering how can such word come from a Pastor in Church?  What kind of message was he giving the congregation?  Should a man of God say such things in the presence of the congregation?  You get the idea, perhaps you have more questions of your own.  Back to our friend, she said that was the last time she ever attend CHC service.

When you examine all the incidences and what members, and visitors to the church observed you cannot ignore making a stand if you are a serious Christian.  It is not being judgmental here, but to take a stand as to whether this church is a church of God or otherwise.

Some how this negative exposure of what had been done in the church has far reaching consequences on all Christian churches whether we like it or not. 

Note: read the news about Mr.Poon who questioned the church before the case surfaced on the link above.

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