Sunday, January 10, 2010

Combined Sunday Service

This morning our Church had a combined service for the three congregations. Again we are blessed to have Dr.Tommy Chung giving us the sermon.

He started to share about the meaning of tithing. He said we must give cheerfully. After all God has blessed us with abundance, and we are only giving back a little.

Four Aspects of Word of God

1. God seeded – example the parable of the sower and parable of the mustard seeds. Seeds look insignificant but they contain life. God showed seeds in our hearts.
2. God Speech – e.g 1Peter 4:11 if one speaks he should do it like speaking words of God.
3. God is a sower – sowing seeds in our hearts.
4. God’s Son – The name of Jesus is God’s word. John 5:39-40

Four transforming Word of God

1. Christian mind – transform thinking of a Christian 1 Cor 2:16. It is like we have thoughts of Christ.
2. Reproof or conviction- its also conscience. God finds faults with us, that is telling us when we are wrong.
3. Good for correction – we need to be correct in our behaviour. Matt 5:48
4. For training to be righteous- 2 Tim 3:16

Now enjoy this song.

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