Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Life Group Meeting

Yesterday evening we started the first Life Group (LG )meeting for 2010. After the restructuring last year, the new name for our small group is now Life Group.

Our LG is led by Brother Nicholas, and assisted by 4 LG assistants. The reason for the bigger numbers of assistants is to train leaders for future leadership roles.

The LG is suppose to study discipleship materials but before its official launch, our Church leaders wanted all LG leaders to be trained. Meanwhile, LG will study the sermon presented the previous week.

This week, our LG discussed on "Distinctiveness of Christianity" sermon by Dr. Tommy Chung last week. His main passage was Nehemiah 8:1-12. It was about how the Israealites were taught how to worship God again after a period of captivity in Babylon. We learnt how this passage is also applicable to us today, in particular our Church where we need to be anchored with the Words of God in our Christian walk. At the same time be mindful of worldliness that is taking over our lives.

We had heartfelt worship followed by fellowship with each other. Some of us were new to each other because we came from different cells.

"Thank you Lord for an opportunity to gather to worship you and to up hold your Name high. Also thank you for the Words of the evening to remind us to anchor on your Words. We pray all these in Jesus Most Precious Name Amen."

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