Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Service

Recovering the distinctiveness of Christianity

On Sunday 3rd Jan 2010 Dr.Tommy Chung preached on the above subject.

We are fast losing our distinctiveness as Christians as we identify with this world. We are losing ourselves in the process. In American there are Church denominations that do not believe in the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus which is the very foundation of Christianity.

In the old testaments time, the Israelites were also losing their distinctiveness because they were conqueror by many nations. However Prophets Ezra came and reverted that. Similarly we are living in a multi racial and cultural country where we may lose our Christian distinctiveness.

He referred to Nehemiah 8:1-12 where Ezra brought the Israelites back to basic in reading the Law of Moses, he praised the Lord and people responded with Amens!. They bowed down and worshipped the Lord with their faces to the ground.

We are in this world but not of this world. We have to protect our Christian distinctiveness otherwise we will be “downed” by the surrounding cultures and their ways.

Monthly Prayer Meeting

This eveing our Church started the monthly prayer meeting. Brother Tung Hui shared about prayer and what he read John Stott wrote. he said intercessory prayer is a mistery, because we do not know why God wanted us to intercede even though He knows everything. Nevertheless, prayer is effective.

Prayer Points for the evening:

1. Pray for unity of our Church.
2. Pray for outreach like Prison, Salvation Amy, Smile ministry,and others.
3. Pray for coming EGM & AGM
4. Pray for Life Groups and assistant leaders.
5. Pray for Pastor Sim and Chinese congregation.
6. Pray for Brother Emong in his outreach work.
7. Pray for Pastor John and his team.

We are very encouraged by the hearts of all who attended this Prayer Meeting. We continue to seek our Lord as we travel this road with Him.

The Prayer Meeting was fitting as it is a new beginning for our Church.

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