Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayer Service 31st Dec 2009

It was very encouraging to see so many Brothers and Sisters turning up for our Prayer Service on 31st Dec 2009. Brother Soon King rightly pointed out that others were having their “happy hour” outside, we Christians were having our Happy Hour of prayers in Church. Praise God! Indeed, our prayers moved people to come and to commit to our Church!

At the same time the English group had their prayer meeting in the sanctuary, our Chinese Church members were having theirs in the upper room. We could hear their fervent songs worship downstair.

Sister Paik Im encouraged many when she shared about her work challenges, and in the process how God showed her and her husband to lead the youths of our Church.

One of our youths also shared about his EBC Church champ and how he learnt from Cornerstone Pastor Andrew Goh not to be selfish but be an ambassador for Christ.

Sister Sarah and Pastor Richard Sim both re-emphasized the prophetic Word by Dr. Tommy Chung, that was Isaiah 58:12 which was declared on 13th Dec 2009 in the joint Christmas Celebration. Four key words from this verse, Rebuild, Raise-up, Repair, Restore. We are to do all these to move forward in 2010. One particular point by Pastor Richard that caught my attention, was the word “Renovation”. He said we will be in trouble if we renovate our House, we should only repair it. You see, renovation is changing drastically, but repair is rebuilding and restoring. We are also going into the basic of teaching and learning the Words of God.

Dr.Tiong also shared about the meaning of Church, and what as a Church we should do. Many times, we may feel inadequate, but God gives us adequacy if we are willing to follow Him. E.g he quoted about Moses, who felt inadequate to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, yet God gave him the means.

Dr. Wong launched the new “cell” whose new name is now “Life Group”(LG). As we gather in small groups, they are like a mini churches, where we care about each other and also our neighbours. We are to love our fellow believers and others non believers outside.

We all prayed about the issues shared and also about our Church missions. All ministries and leaders were prayed for.

We thank Brother Soon King and Sister Sarah for initiating this prayer meeting.

Praise God for a meaningful and prayerful meeting. There was a corporate prayer session to up hold our Church, its leaders, and its congregation.

Hallelujah! Praise our Almighty God!

This video from Broolyn Tabernacle led by Pastor Jim Cymbala. He is also author of several books like Fresh wind, Fresh Fire, Break Through Prayers and others. Many came to the Lord in his church after 9/11 in US

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