Thursday, April 22, 2010

Francis Chan Leaving Mega Church

Recently I blogged about how Pastor John Piper and Pastor Francis Chan humbled themselves before God.

Just read news that Francis is leaving mega Church Corner Stone, Simmi Valley, California because he is following God's call for him to venture to new areas. It is such an inspiration to hear of such dedicated man of God, who is always ready to give up all for God. He founded Corner Stone in the 80's and built it to, if not mistaken a congregation of 6,000 members now. Just to leave all these....Wow! Praise God for him!

Few years back he did struggle about leaving. Now he is fully trusting the Lord. He said "There's no fear in going out ... off with the Lord," he said. "He's proven to me that He's with me; He loves me; I love Him."

He wrote a best selling book Crazy Love and most of the earnings from this book were given to the Church.

Hat's off to such a dedicated disciple of Jesus. I certainly can learn from him.

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