Friday, April 9, 2010

Passing of a Dear Friend

I received with sadness the passing of my dear friend Mrs.Cooke of Windsor, Canada recently. She was 77 years and died in her sleep.

I got to know Mrs.Cooke 31 years ago when I was a student in Windsor. We wrote to each other at least once a year for the past 30 years.(especially during Christmas) She was the Canadian "auntie" to me as well as my friends. We used to be invited to her house for meals especially during festives times like Thanks giving day, and Christmas. She was a lovely and friendly person who made us felt at home since we were so far from our homes.

You see her picture and the flowers in the background? It was a card given out during her funeral. The flowers were grown by her in her garden. I recalled seeing all the beautiful flowers she and her husband grew. Looking back it was such a blessing. I did not know God then. God is good, He gave me all the blessings even before I knew Him!

May my dear friend and auntie rest in peace. Amen.

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