Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Service 11th April, 2010

We had the previlege of having Dr. Tommy Chung again to preach a message to us this Sunday. His subject is below:

Playing By the Rules

Haggai Ch. 2: 10 – 23

We need to examine our priorities. Have we put God first in what we do? Put God first in all we do, follow His laws and we can be sure of His blessings.

Spiritual Principles – Haggai Ch 2:10. This is seen through the eye of the new covenant. What is it? There was a difference between the moral and ceremonial laws of the Jew. Ceremonial defilement still applies to this day. The unholy cannot be sanctified by the holy. The Israelites fought the greatest battle in Jericho, but in Ai they were defeated. Why? Because they have broken God’s covenant by stealing defiled things from collapsed Jericho.
He quoted Ecclesiastes Ch 10:1 “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell”. Meaning one foolish step can set one back. David moved the Ark of Covenant using a cart which was not according to God’s instruction. It was supposed to be carried on poles. When Uzzah tried to steady the Ark on the cart, he was struck dead. David did not follow God’s instructions.

Spiritual Principles from New Testament – Matt Ch15:17-18 Jesus said it is not what goes into the mouth that defiled a person, but what comes out of it. In 2 Timothy 2:5 an athlete can only get the winning prize if he played by the rules.

Clean and Unclean – Haggai 2:15 ensures everything we offer to God is clean and according to the law of God. Everything we do do not use “underhanded” ways. Unclean services or methods that contradict God’s principles are not allowed. The glory must go back to God. The Book of Haggai talks about the sin of negligence, sin of backsliding and sin of half hearted service.

Rebuilding our Church - Haggai 2: 15-17. Dr. Chung especially referred this to FBC. How do we rebuild again?
a) clean up our acts, b) Have complete trust of our Lord c) do not look around ourselves, do not worry about the numbers, today God will bless us. God promised us blessings. He quoted Habakkuk 3:17-19, although there is no harvest, no sheeps in the pen, we are to rejoice in the Lord.

Final Warning – Haggai 2:20-22. We must do things God’s ways and obey His commands. He will pour His blessings unto us.

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