Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kuching Waterfront Extension

Last weekend my wife and I took a walk along the Kuching Waterfront extension to see for ourselves what had been done to the waterfront. Reconstruction is almost done. We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of our waterfront. It is nostalgic for me because I was brought up at the corner shop near Brooke Dockyard called “Chip Pung Hui”. Previously my father had a sundry shop at the same place. You can see this shop in the slide.

From the old section of waterfront starting from Hotel Margarita to the new area at Brooke dockyard the distance is slightly more than 2 KM. Good for a little sweat in the morning or evening.

The local government is applying to list Kuching as a heritage city. To be eligible, UNESCO specified that this city should be significant to human civilization.

Sarawak had a unique history. It was not ruled by a foreign power, but by the Brooke family of UK from 1841 to 1941. One can witness the British influence from the British style architectures in many buildings like Old Court House, Old Post Office, the Round Tower and others.

Readers from Kuching should take a walk along the new extension, you will enjoy it. “Smell the roses” so to speak. Readers from outside of Kuching you are most welcome to this beautiful and clean city. You can see a glimpse of Kuching on the video below. Done by a fellow Kuching person I found on You tube.

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