Friday, September 17, 2010

Alpha Marriage Course

Our Church started the Alpha Mariage course sometime in July, it was an eight week course, one seesion each week. Thanks to Bro.Howe Tung, Sis Chuei Lian, Sis Ah Moi and Bro Arthur who worked very hard to co ordinate this course for 17 couples all from FBC except a couple from Agape Baptist Church. They had the help of Bro David and Sis Chee Ping from Faith Methodist Church. It was a very useful course and all of us enjoyed the course as well as the fellowship. On Wednesday 15th Sept we had our graduation dinner at Harvourview Hotel. Many couples also invited their friends along. Again we had a nice dinner, romantic setting as well as a lot of jokes. Praise God for this Alpha Course! Hope that many will join the next session. According to Chee Ping Churches like Anglican, Emmanuel Baptist and SIB are starting their own course.

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